Trans.formation – Knew Normal


"Corona made us do it" - first new release by hip-hop duo since 7 years

Moved by the earth-shattering events of 2020, the international MC/Producer duo trans.formation (Essential I & Wunderflo) couldn't keep quiet anymore:

"We knew normal - the pre-covid normal everyone had grown accustomed to. We all know the old normal isn't going to work anymore. Now, populist demagogues and wannabe autocrats such as Trump try to sell you a "new normal". Beware of the agenda behind their "new normal", though. It's based on hate and in reality suppresses any real progress, such as the Black Lives Matter movement. Racism too is a deadly virus - one that is actually engineered by humans. Don't fall for it. Instead, build your own normal, your true normal, by getting in tune with nature, organizing and freeing yourself from societal norms. No, it's surely not a mask that restricts your freedom. It takes more effort and courage than risking the health of others if you want to change something in your life."

Fans of artists like OutKast, Mos Def, Anderson .Paak, Childish Gambino and the like will quickly feel at home here due to the conscious, experimental but also melodious and cinematic vibe of the track.

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  • Instrumental of "Knew Normal"

    produced by Wunderflo

  • Acapella of "Knew Normal"

    written and performed by Essential I

  • Full Song & Artwork (incl. Wallpapers)

    use it for the soundtrack of your next video or indie game

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